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Project Description


Mavericks is known around the world as one of the most dangerous, inhospitable and terrifying waves on the planet. It can be a dark, treacherous place, but when it breaks there is nearly always one beam of light that brightens it up… and that beam of light is Savannah Shaughnessy.

There are only a few women who surf Mavericks, and even less who absolutely charge. Savannah is one who charges. She also doesn’t fit the mold of a stereotypical big wave surfer. She is quiet, focused, exceedingly humble, and leads a full life out of the water. A recent graduate of nursing school, she works as a nurse in the cardiac medicine intermediate ICU at Stanford Hospital.  Savannah sets goals and she succeeds in achieving them, such as surfing Mavericks at the young age of sixteen years old.  Always positive and inclusive of others and their strengths, Savannah is a positive role model in and out of the water.  She demonstrates where the power of positivity and determination can lead someone.  Adding to the interest of her story, Savannah’s younger brother and her fiancé also surf big waves, and the tight communion they share runs deep.

This film began as a portrait piece, but in early 2016 Savannah fell on the takeoff of a wave at Mavericks and her left knee took the full impact of the lip. It resulted in a devastating injury, which has required multiple surgeries, intense rehab, and led to major personal and professional setbacks. “Beaming” has now become the story of who she was, who she is now, and her journey back to surfing.



Project Details

Production Company: Nikki Brooks Photography / Bombora Films
Director: Andy Hofman
Producer: Nikki Brooks
Director of Photography: Matt Hofman

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