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Bombora Films is named after something close to my heart… a favorite wave of mine.

Hi, I’m Andy!  

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA and my love of making films began with shooting and editing surf and snowboard videos with my brother and friends when we were wee little tykes. The result of our early collaborations are the cult classics* Salsa Fueled Gringos and The Shafted. Below, you can see some of those precious moments.

*Its a very small cult

In college, my focus shifted to creating more serious work, such as my critically acclaimed** Glancing Blow Trilogy.  Consisting of Good Times / Bad Times, Between The Cups, and the yet to be completed, but highly anticipated, Still Stuck, these films detail the rise and fall of a number of personalities that define the sport of Beer Pong, otherwise known as “The Game.”

**At least one critic called the series “Haunting. A battle for the American soul set in the nefarious world of The Game.” This critic may or may not be an alias for myself.

Between working on these masterpieces, I received my bachelor degree in film from UC Santa Barbara, and a masters degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communications from San Francisco State University.

Amazingly, I found that my early experiments shooting, directing and editing action sports, documentary and narrative work lent themselves to a career that I love. Along the way I became a filmmaker, well versed in every aspect of the process, from concept to final delivery, and comfortable working in a wide range of genres and styles.

I now work with clients ranging from major sports teams to startups. My goal is to infuse every project with joy, whatever the subject matter. I love telling a great story, and believe that innovative story structure, focused writing, and compelling imagery is the way to do it.

My love of filmmaking, and the power it has to entertain, educate, and have a positive influence has only grown over the years, and I’m dedicated to making every project original and unforgettable.

Bombora Films

Bombora Films is named after something close to my heart… my favorite wave in Santa Cruz. I’ve learned a lot from the ocean, including the idea of never staying static: always changing, growing and adapting is what keeps life interesting, and I try to do that in my life and my work.

I spent years working as a producer, director, editor and shooter for various production companies, but found my work slowly diverging from the types of projects that inspired me the most. I started Bombora Films to connect with clients and organizations that are fueled by creativity, adventure and goodwill.

Whether the destination is broadcast, YouTube, social media or brand website, Bombora Films partners with talented crews and performers to shape your idea into memorable content. Although we take on projects in every genre imaginable, we believe strongly in the power of creating content that is entertaining above all else. Entertainment creates interest. Interest leads to involvement. Involvement leads to a more passionate audience. And I like passion.

Every wave is unique. Every client and every project are too. Let’s make something!